Routine Service

Between 8:00 and 5:00 Monday to Friday, Rising Telecom shall conduct a remote diagnostic assessment, usually within one hour of the trouble call being placed. Trained technicians are informed of the fault and are typically able to respond the same day.

In the event the workload prevents same day service, then ROUTINE service will commence no later than 24 hours from the time it was reported except if the request was made on, or on the day preceding a weekend or holiday. In the latter case, repair staff will be dispatched, if required, to the customer’s premises to commence system service on the next business day.

Rising Telecom provides remote diagnostic service. All required equipment is configured into the system (if applicable) and is accessed on a dial up basis as needed.

All Rising Telecom service staff are trained on ALL the equipment we sell and install. This includes our dispatch clerks, CSR’s and technicians. As well, our technical staff takes their company vehicles home with them each evening. This ensures a direct response in case emergency service is required.